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Ignite Elite Artists is a premier Management Company representing artists in all key international markets including Motion Picture, Television, Voice and Theatrical industries.

Ignite's credits include:  Mormon Yankees: The Spirit of the Game, Peter Brock Telemovie, Home and Away, Ali's Wedding, Jack Irish, Celebrity Apprentice Season 3, Science Fiction Volume 1, Moonman, Lovechild Series 3, A Place to Call Home Series 3, Boar, Footballer Wants a Wife, UNindian, The Principal, Blue World Order, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Series 3, Truth, Rough Stuff, Teenage Kicks, Deadline Gallipoli, The Secret River, Gallipoli, Gods of Egypt (WINDSOR), Outpost 37, Night Walk, Prodigal Sons, Killcam, Perpetual Nexus, The Last Immortal, The Perfect Summer, The Dead Sea, Healing, The Rover, Never Tear Us Apart, The Mule, Now add Honey, Backtrack, Facing Evil, Final Move, Rise of the Underdog, The Half Dead, Natural Injustice, Upper Middle Bogan Series 2, 1500 Steps, Circle of Lies, Australia-The Story of Us, Catching Milat, Old School, The Code, Rake, Love Child, Dr Blake Mysteries series 2, Puberty Blues series 2, Its a Date Series 2, Underbelly Squizzy, A Place to Call Home, Neighbours, The Worst year Of my Life...Again., House Husbands 2, Wentworth, The Gods of Wheat Street, Wonderland, Dark Minds, Deadly Women, Dark Temptations, Behind Mansion Walls, Devils Playground, Soul Mates,The Glee Project,  Fat Tony & Co, Musical Theatre The King and I, Complete Works Theatre, Echelon, The 26 Storey Treehouse Tour, Bell Shakespeare, Channel 9 Today Weekend Show, Channel 7 Morning Show. Print including Filmink, Sydney Morning Herald and Kidstar interviews....and quite a few confidential casting yet to be announced......

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Clare Pickering

Well done to Clare Pickering for booking a Budget Direct TV!...

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Eli Gallagher and Eric James Gravolin

Congratulations Eli Gallagher and Eric James Gravolin for both booking Coca Cola Sprite TVC!...

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Joanne Samuel

Many congrats to Joanne Samuel for booking ASIA TVC...

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